Reach the Community in Wheeling & The Ohio Valley
Underwrite a Show and (or) a segment on 101.1 WWOV FM
Support Tradition
while Creating Awareness of You!

Who are WWOV’s listeners?

The station’s signal covers the better parts of Ohio and Marshall Counties in West Virginia and Belmont in Ohio. Since FM Radio signals are “line of sight” some valley regions may have weakened reception. WWOV can also be heard via our website player wherever there is an internet connection using Smart Phones, Tablets and Personal Computers.
WWOV’s on air personalities and management generate a strong community-minded listener base.

What can I hear on WWOV?

WWOV’s programming appeals to a wide variety of listeners and includes

  • Light hearted informative music shows with core emphasis on the World Famous Wheeling Jamboree and its longstanding Position in Americana & Country Music.
  • Country Music History and Entertainment News.
  • We also offer local Weather forecasts and Community Calendar Announcements.
  • Exclusive Shows of Classic Country Music, Bluegrass, Gospel and Americana Blends.
  • Educational music and Unique Original programs.

How is underwriting different from advertising?

Underwriting is a way to support non-commercial, radio stations. Underwriting announcements are factual and understated, and seek to inform listeners about a service rather than induce them to purchase a product. The cost of underwriting can be deducted either as a business expense or as a charitable donation.

How can underwriting help my business?

With WWOV’s programming, you can select the show or shows to support that reach the demographic you want, be it agriculture, homeowners, artists, youth, trucking, or another interest entirely. Because there is no commercial clutter, your message will always stand out. Your announcements will be heard and remembered by the show’s listeners, who support those businesses supporting their favorite shows.

What are my underwriting options?

WWOV is seeking station underwriters as well as underwriters for each locally-produced show. A variety of “station” underwriting options are available, including the “WWOV Wheeling Jamboree “.

Great! What is the next step?

You can easily and quickly become a supporter or station underwriter.
We welcome you to get in touch by emailing the via the CONTACT page,
by phone (304) 907-0306 or by regular mail PO Box 470 Wheeling, WV 26003.
Someone from our organization will be happy to visit with you to provide information
regarding the benefits of becoming a supporting underwriter.

WWOV / Wheeling Jamboree, Inc. PO Box 470, Wheeling WV, 26003

You can also make an immediate online donation of any amount by clicking the Donate Button below. Donations are Tax Deductible  WWOV / Wheeling Jamboree, Inc.  501-(c)-3 Non-Profit Corp.



Thank you for your support!